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Main "TAKE AWAY POINTS" from You Tube Video:


  • Be your own health advocate! There is no way we can expect doctors to be experts on everything. Research !!! (Seek and you will find!)
  • Lyme disease (diagnosis and treatment) continues to be poorly understood and a source of intense controversy among patients and physicians.
  • Almost half the people with Lyme don't even recall a tick bite! YIKES!
  • This borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) spirochete bacteria is very slow growing, persistent, and "stealthy." It can go into your blood and tissue, causing both muscular-skeletal AND/OR neurological issues.
  • This disease is also called the "Great Imitator" because its symptoms often present as many other diseases: MS, Parkinson's, ALS, Arthritis, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia...
  • Symptoms include, but are not limited to...fatigue/lethargy, muscle and joint pain, numbness/tingling, fever, headache, chills, 'brain fog' (wore the shoes pictured on top of this page all morning and didn't even notice! YIKES!) (Same size heels though : ) ), sleep disturbances, vision problems, dizziness/vertigo, leg cramps...
  • Common tests don't test directly for the Lyme bacteria (antigen) itself; they test for antibodies, a sign of your body's defense mechanisms, caused by the presence of the Lyme bacteria. Some people who are sick with Lyme disease do not produce any detectable antibodies to the bacteria, so they will not test positive on antibody tests. These antibodies can be tested with a Western Blot test. When you order a Western Blot test from any lab other than IGeneX, you must REQUEST THAT ALL TEST BANDS BE REPORTED TO YOU, especially bands 31 and 34.
  • You only need ONE Borrelia burgdorferi-specific positive band on a Western Blot test to be considered positive for Lyme disease. (See Dr. Crist's Western Blot Explanation in my ARTICLES section for more on this.)
  • For a case of Lyme disease to meet national infectious disease reporting standards, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently requires 5 positive bands on the IgG section of the Western Blot test or 2 positive (of 3 specific bands) on the IgM section of the same test. Many physicians are not aware that this CDC standard was designed for their surveillance purposes; it is NOT to be used as a standard for diagnosis!
  • As of January 1, 2008, you can ask your physician to order a Western Blot test for Lyme disease, instead of the usual (and unreliable) screening test known as an ELISA or IFA. (My ELISA was negative.) For a highly sensitive and specific Western Blot test you can order a FREE kit from IGeneX Labs. (See LINKS.)IGeneX is a tick-borne disease reference lab which meets more strict standards than common labs. IGeneX reports all bands on Western Blot tests. (My IGeneX test was important in my diagnosis.)
  • Present this information (and that which you find in your own research) to your family doctor. If you feel you were not successful with your family doctor and you want another opinion on your symptoms, you should consider making an appointment with one of the Lyme Literate doctors (LLMDs) recommended on the ILADS website. (See LINKS.)
  • Remember - it is OK to ask your family doctor for an empiric treatment trial of 4-6 weeks of antibiotics. You are the patient; you must be your own advocate! (FYI, I took nystatin to prevent yeast overgrowth--a side effect of antibiotics--for the whole year I was under treatment.)
  • Long term antibiotics do work! (Another FYI, over 70% of the antibiotics in America are used in animal feed - don't worry too much about the 'superbug' : ) )
  • Two of my lesions are GONE!
  • Keep your sense of humor even though ticks do suck! : )
  • Rest, sunshine, good nutrition, and of course, prayer are also key to recovery!

We need to get this disease on our map!

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