Here are the group prayer request/health update e-mails I sent throughout this trial...I share only in hopes that they may help inform and encourage you if you also are finding yourself in this "Lyme Disease Club..."


Title                                              Summary

(1) 8/08/06 Prayer Request - Initial MS News

(2) 8/28/06 Wisconsin Hells - 5 Day Hospital Stint

(3) 9/01/06 Camping - Explanation of 'Camp A' (MS) & 'Camp B' (Lyme)

(4) 9/07/06 Greetings From MO - Trip to Lyme Specialist

(5) 10/07/06 Must See Movie - Facing The Giants Plug

(6) 11/30/06 3 Months In - Overall Update (Medical, Physical, Spiritual)

(7) 2/27/07 7 Months In - Overall Update (Medical, Physical, Spiritual)

(8) 7/03/07 Top Ten - General update

(9) 1/24/08 Off Meds! - Feeling Great!


(1) August 8, 2006

"Prayer Request"


Hello Everyone,

Michelle here ... some of you know, some do not goes...I got a huge dose of LIFE yesterday. Story unfolds as such: Sat. did a triathlon
with friend and woke up with a numb upper right lip. Ran the run part and my right leg 'tingled' the whole time. (Thought ...weird? but am 35 now
so this must just be what happens - I did have the home phone with me in the passenger seat of the van one morning last week so this was just
another one of those 'moments' ha...) Sun. the lip was still numb - leg was fine. Mon. whole right side of face and head and right
forearm/fingers felt numb or like I had Vicks Vapor rub on it. It had my total attention, and my doctor's, and before I knew it I was having a
brain MRI and throat ultrasound. Got the results yesterday, Tuesday, that I have 3 lesions, 1 of which is in the 'classic' spot for MS. ( I'm in a
club I don't want to be in and can't even spell it : ) ) (All other results are great - even said my cholesterol was "beautiful" - any other day and I would have actually felt good about that : )


I do have two aunts and my dad's cousin that have MS......and "THEY" say it's "not hereditary but does run in families" - go figure that one out.


After preliminary 'internet surfing' I realize there are many treatment options/debates. I'm obviously looking to meet with a MS neurologist and
desire to get after this as quickly as possible. I know many of you know people that have this. Please pass along any 'good scoop' (effective
treatments/doctors/success stories etc.) if you can.


We do continue to praise the Awesome, Almighty God - we're not mad just SAD. This too is part of His plan,
We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers,


Michelle and Ron (and tikes) Backes

Hey, Hershee (our dog) and I ran 30 minutes this a.m.! Game on!


(2) August 26, 2006
“Wisconsin Hells”


Hello Everyone,

Pardon the pun in the subject line but wanted to give you yet another update. We got to the Dells Sun. night, ready for a week of 'swirly water
fun' and that's what we got, but in a whole different way than expected.............


I was awaken on Mon, at 5 am with face numbness, sweats, CRAZY vertigo and hmmm...swirly water (if you know what I mean). I
HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SICK IN MY LIFE! By 3 pm Monday I was in the hospital on IV's and have been here ever since. My parents (best in the world!) came down Tues. night to help provide support and help the kids have this fantastic week at the Dells. (Yes, sarcasm may be a bit more evident in this e-mail.) This also allowed Ron some more cuddle time with me in these wonderful hospital beds - good thing we're both so petite!


It looks like the MS is confirmed officially, my docs from MN whom I've only met with once, have been calling the shots down here (yes, another pun intended.) I'm spose' to really avoid stress and fatigue. Thought you'd all get a kick out of the fact that twice last night they had to wheel us
all into the hall b/c of tornados warnings and softball sized hail. (Meanwhile Ron, my mom, and kids are in their swimsuits sequestered in the
basement of some resort restaurant.) SLEPT GREAT with the bright lights, other people's beepers and softballs lullin' me to sleep. ha (Side note
for the Brewer fans out there - you'd appreciate my dad's attempts to sneak back into the room to give us all the game updates during the first storm warnings.) He and my girlfriend Kathy from Madison were both there. What a provision! Not sure how but we laughed the whole time : )


Its Thurs. night - I'm waiting for my third round of ROIDS (watch out Bonds!) and trying really hard not to see two of Ron. I love him but the
double vision's gotta go. ha I hope to go to Ladysmith tomorrow and spend time at my parents house being a 35 yr. old dependent daughter again. I can't wait to get out of this neurological head/tingling spell and start the management phase - hoping for symptoms to subside soon!


Amazingly, I have had incredible support and feel the prayers (hey, the tornados didn't hit!) I know God has big things planned with this and am
quickly put in my place that it is His will not mine.

I love the encouraging notes and awesome verses from you all. Keep them coming as you feel led but I do need to let you know I'm putting myself on an e-mail moratorium (unless basketball sized hail comes my way: ) ) With MS, it's REALLY important for me to get rest, reduce business and stress and allow my body to recover. I also need to spend time with my crew, not allow my (slightly) type A personality get in the way and want to respond to every message : ) I will send an update when we know more or if there are any new developments. I know you understand.


Here's the verse I got today that was awesome...


"Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory." Psalm 50:15

Hope you and your families are enjoying each other. Let us know how we can be praying for you too!
Michelle and Ron


(3) September 1, 2006



Hi Everyone,

Yes, another mass e-mail coming your impersonal, yet efficient so I'll stick with it - not the journaling on-line type yet : ) I just wanted to let you know I am officially home (Lindstrom) as of Monday night. YEA! My incredible parents literally sequestered me for awhile at the lake (how therapeutic is that?!) after our fantastic family trip. What a blessing they have been! (I did feel like I was a kid again, esp. when Pops gave me the cut throat sign for too much phone -ha) Meanwhile, Ron came back early to try and mow a path for us to get to the house, make sure no more goldfish jumped the bowl and continued to raise our monthly donors etc. (It is during times like this I realize what a MAN I married !!!!) I also returned to my incredible neighbor friends/church friends who had already lined up meals etc. for these first weeks back while I convert fromType A to Type B right before their very eyes. But, all of you know how much I love to cook, experiment and putz in the kitchen, I just had to turn them down - NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What another blessing! WOW - sometimes you have to be on the receiving end too : ) )


I want to make this as succinct as possible yet provide 'scoop' to those that want details so here goes...Symptons currently are this: (no more
vertigo! YEA!) L side of face is always tingly, whole R side is numb w/ tingly R hand and foot - R ear has 'full' feeling (sign there's a lot in
there right?) moving fine though just tired. I have met with all the docs upon returning, this counts as a 'separate event' so we hear on Thurs where we go from Camp A "MS Management" etc. b/c all other blood work etc. is fine.


(Camp A ) Was prepared for this as much as I could be, had an idea of the drug "I" would choose, better to be on something than nothing
mentality etc. EXCEPT, yesterday I got a positive 'Band 23' blood result on a Western Blot Lyme test which is an indicator for the bacteria
associated with Lyme disease. (I had to push for this test on my own as my initial ELISA Lyme titer was negative - I've stumbled on quite
the debate here in the ole medical community regarding this...) I did get bit by a deer tick May 6th, on me a good 24 hours-UGH, and then on
doxycycline for 10 days,,,,welcome to Camp B!


Last night a friend from church spent three hours over here sharing the most current research regarding Lyme etc. (He was diagnosed
and treated with Parkinson's for 18 years w/out symptom relief and is fine now after 'a few' antibiotics - it was Lyme after all. ) Both
Camps have strong feelings about each other...trouble for me is that both Lyme and MS are clinically diagnosed and have very similar camping I will go??? (Either way the treatment for the next year is REST, limited activities and medication...not sure what types...)


Specific prayer requests would obviously be for healing : ) and clear direction for correct plan of treatment.. Also specifically for our
kids as they try to make sense of this (which must be incredibly challenging at 5 and 6 when I'm 35 and it makes no sense to
me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )


Thanks to all of you ! We do feel like you are in the cars with us, all acked up with hail and tornado gear, ready to go camping too : )


Although we're still working on getting our 'map' we continue to draw great strength and comfort from God who is big enough to handle this!


Zip your tents tight!
( Be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8)

I got a card with this on the front - I love it....

God Will Get You Through -
Not Somehow, But TRIUMPHANTLY!!!!


(4) September 7, 2006
“Greetings From MO”


Well...Ron and I are on our way back from Springfield, MO. Yep, we got the call this Dr. Charles Crist (Lyme Specialist) had an opening for Thursday 7 am! (I was scheduled for Sept. 29th) We couldn't believe it! (Right before I was to start on MS drugs!!) We cleared the schedules, friends watched the kids (THANK YOU!) until my parents made it over (THANK YOU!) and we embarked on the 10 hour drive down Weds.


Our consult was 1 1/2 hours long and VERY informative. He thinks my symptoms are all related to a tick-born infection. (I was bit by a deer
tick in May but many of his patients don't remember being bit). He said 97% of the people he's treated with my symptoms, using longer antibiotic
treatment, get back to NORMAL (Ron giggled - I guess NORMAL is all relative : ) ) I know I'm have a long road ahead of treatment, and need to
continue to rest etc. but am going to choose this "Camp" for now.


As I mentioned before, this puts me in the middle of a HUGE medical debate! I HAVE to be my own advocate as the Neurologists and Specialists I've seen have called 'these Lyme people' and I quote, "Quackery, its almost like they're a cult, I'm getting a headache already" ...while the Lyme side says, "unfortunately what this is taking is doctors themselves and/or their family members getting Lyme - and its happening". I know I am not in a position to become an advocate of this AMAZING Lyme information (some are calling Lyme Disease the next American TSUNAMI !!!) without being a patient first, but what I have learned so far has blown my mind (lesions and all! ha). I do want to mention that I understand medical doctors cannot research every disease out there and many are open to the latest Lyme (borreliosis) just takes time.


So here's my one-time PLUG until you get your next e-mail in a few months when I'm hopefully symptom free...If you have any question as to your chronic illness 'diagnosis' (MS !, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, ALS, Lupus, Parkinson's, Crohn's Disease...) you may want to ask your doctor to order the Western Blot Blood Test (just a regular lab draw for you) and its very important you have it sent to the IGENEX LAB in California (they run the full tick panel). You will have to pay the roughly $395 up-front and then will hopefully get reimbursed by your insurance. It is my opinion, after my last month's learning experience with MS... being the 'default' disease it is (we can tell ya what you don't cause/cure for this... yet) that you request this Western Blot. I'm sure many do have MS, but it is again my opinion and experience, that this test is money well spent - at least to rule out Lyme by a test other than the standard ELISA test - which isn't always effective! (I'm positive for the Lyme's bacteria but was negative on the ELISA test and even now, not positive on enough panels for CDC to call it Lyme - its like being "kind of pregnant???" UGH! This has been frustrating if you can't tell : ) )


We have incredible PEACE about pursuing this direction of treatment, God has His hand in this whole deal as I can already see! One of the many
praises is my family doctor is very open to this as her old nurse had Lyme - she will continue to treat me here under Dr. Crist's recommendations. I know I may get worse symptoms at times when the bacteria is killed and toxins are released but I'm "in" - Once again..."Game On!"


Thanks to all of you...for understanding about my inability to respond individually to calls/e-mails, for your encouraging words/verses, and for
praying us up! Keep the prayers coming : )


(I read this, its awesome - wanted to share...There were two artists who were asked to paint pictures of 'peace' as they perceived it. One painted
a quiet, still lake, far back in the mountains. The other painted a raging, rushing waterfall which had a birch tree leaning out over it with a
bird resting in a nest on one of the branches.


Which one truly depicts peace? The second one does, because there is no such thing as peace without opposition. Some would argue the first
painting represents stagnation. The scene may be serene, you may want to go there to rest and recuperate but it doesn't depict "the rest of God.")


"Peace I leave with you. My own peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you..." John 14:27)


Michelle (and Ron)


I'm attaching web sites for your further investigation if you're interested...





(To answer why we chose him and didn't stayed in state? We went this routefor two main reasons: 1) referral from two people in Lindstrom that have seen him and are 'Normal' now (One was diagnosed with Parkinson's for over 18 years and the other 'Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia' - it was Lyme for them both!) and 2) he has had over 18 years clinical experience with this - a Mid West Guru! There are only two other doctors in MN that are specialists in Lyme that I know of, but one is so busy she's closed now and 3 months out for existing patients and the other has been in it for 6 months or so. )



This is a well organized site with a lot of medical and research information.

Use the "Flash Discussion" area of this site where you will find thousands of real patients discussing their experiences.

This is a national organization of doctors that treat chronic Lyme's disease.


(5) October 7, 2006

"Must See Movie"


Hi Everyone !

Never before have we sent out one e-mail to absolutely everyone in our database but we just HAVE to! (sorry but we know some of you are getting this twice b/c of different 'groups' you're in) We just got back from the movie "FACING THE GIANTS" (White Bear Lake Theater) and it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Please try and go soon before it's out of the theaters (may have to go this week)- there's a strong Christian message,
football story-line but created in a way, if you're someone that doesn't like the game, you'll still love the movie. I laughed and cried and
wanted to play ball again! Take whoever you can! If you want more information on this go to... Neat, neat
story as to the making the All actors were volunteers, the head Georgia football coach is in it...etc.


Fearing Not!
Michelle Backes (and Ron)


(PS: A little health update...I'm on week four of antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease and the symptoms have been significantly better since
Weds.!!!!!! Yippee!!! Not sure what future course will be but know God is never late : ) Thanks for all your prayers!

I want all you Lynx players stateside, to let me know what you think via e-mail : ) !!!!!!!!!!


(6) November 30, 2006

"3 Months In... Update"


Hello Everyone,


I know it's been a couple of months since my last update so I wanted to scoot you all a quick note. First of all, thanks again for all your prayers and support! What a team of people that surrounded us - I'm more motivated than ever to help others in need b/c of how incredible it feels to be on the receiving end! Anyway, here's the update:


Medically: I've been on antibiotics (and Nystatin - YEA no stomach problems!) since Sept and probably am 75 % symptom free. I have the last 25% to go (yes, prayer request!) I've had two 'Herx' reactions which are very significant in this process (basically original symptoms heighten as there is an increased number of bacteria being killed and high toxins released in body) so I go off antibiotics for three days or so, symptoms get better and then I go after those stealthy spirochetes again! (I write this with some detail as I can't tell you HOW MANY people have already been helped/treated by the sharing of this information - feel free to pass on to whomever!!!!!!!! (That's how I learned the most about this 'misdiagnosed' Lyme disease stuff. Quite the medical ordeal I must say.) I have to get liver counts etc. checked in a month or so and will have another Brain MRI in early spring (HUGE PRAYER request is that they will find nothing (ha) - you know what I mean!!! Sometimes the lesions repair themselves, sometimes they don't. I want them GONE!)


Physically/Mentally: I have had to wave the 'tired flag' sometimes and actually go to bed before 10 pm! This is not normal for us wired (not to be confused with weird) Wisconsin/Norski women. But I must say I can't complain a bit - I can exercise mildly, walk fine, think (although there is that brain fog that goes with Lyme disease where I often switch out the last word of a sentence with a similar word or don't quite finish a thought. It is weird to have your five year old say, "Mom, did you hear what you just said?" (fortunately God's given us a sense of humor and the kids and Ron are getting a kick out of it!)


I am so thankful we caught this quickly. Many ask, "are you sure its Lyme Disease?" I keep looking for validation (who wouldn't rather have that 'treatable' diagnosis than MS, ALS, Parkinson's, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia etc?? so I've really tried to keep emotion out of it (ya whatever! ha) and have found confirmation all over...the latest being yesterday... I saw our family doctor, gave her the update - as she's watching this unfold too, and point blank asked her, "Do YOU think this is Lyme Disease?" Without hesitation she said, "Yes I do, MS doesn't act like that or respond to the antibiotics etc..." YIPPEEEEE - this isn't from someone from the 'Lyme or MS Camp'.... someone neutral in the medical field! She said they are making a lot of headway with this disease...just a matter of time!


Spiritually: I don't even know where to start... God has held me up and kept me so strong and steady!!! I also am in a Beth Moore Bible Study "Believing God" - she doesn't mess around and the timing couldn't be better. I'll just leave you with part of our sermon in church on Sunday...(we just happen to be going through Job now !) Our wonderful pastor brought to life the 'little' conversation the Lord had back with Job after he questioned why he (Job) was suffering ??? Poor Job - talk about being put in your place!!! I loved it when our pastor said, "Imagine in
Job 38:7 all the angels sitting on bleachers, cheering God on almost like we do when we see fireworks." He ended the sermon with this... "The lesson Job needed to learn is that God is God and we can trust Him. It is the most important lesson in the universe." If you want to read more on this check out Job 38-40:5 and you can peek ahead to Job 42 if you want to know the ending : ) Anyway, He has given me many reasons to trust so that's where I am...trusting.


Will let you know when I am symptom free! Meanwhile make it a fantastic Christmas season! Thanks again to you all for everything!
Michelle (and family)


(7) February 27, 2007

"7 Months In...Update"


Hi Everyone...


Yes, it has happened...You best sit down : )...I finally have my own e-mail. Please change your address books and if you don't mind, e-mail me
a HELLO to my new address as there is no way I can enter all of yours. Does that sound lazy or what? Thank you very much!


I'll also send a little update since this is going out to everyone...


* First and foremost... I'm a new aunt!!!!!!!!! Eric and Sherry had a little boy on Feb. 18th. EINAR (eye ner)! The name lives on!
He's beautiful and...after such a cruddy health run the last 6 months, AND since I'm feeling a lot better, AND with our 2007 motto being "LIVE" - 
My daughter and I checked on some frequent flyer miles two days before scootin' on up to Anchorage to meet Little E in person (The whole trip cost us $10 - $5 a piece for ticket tax ) What a blessing that was! We got back Monday night with special memories forever...including moose running by us on the road, a tram ride to the top of a mountain and a new nephew - did I mention what a honey he is???? (The only negative is that's a hard homeschool fieldtrip to top and she's only seven! ha)


* Health update...Lyme Report...I have to be close! The last symptoms just come and go on my face (unfortunately totally related to how much
sleep I get : )( I did try and stay on my sleep schedule in Alaska for those of you wondering - ha) I just need to stay on my antibiodics four
weeks after my last symptom is gone and then "I've officially won the battle with the spirocete bacteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I will be sending out a HUGE praise shout on that day!!!


Interesting side note - the Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, is bringing charges against the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) on behalf of all the misdiagnosed Lyme patients in his state. All other states are watching this one unfold - BIG STUFF!


Back Report....some of you may not know I blew my C6/C7 disc in January, with a little chunk landing in my C7 nerve canal. I didn't send out an
e-mail as #1 I couldn't type and #2 who can believe it?????? I'm healthy for the first 35 years of life then WHAM BAMMMM! But...interestingly
enough this was a wonderful (I can use that word now b/c I can obviously type : ) ) disguised blessing as laying flat on my back really helped me
rest, which consequently, had a positive affect in my Lyme recovery! I had to smile many a time, as I lay facing the heavens, knowing God had
full control of what was happening. Two cortizone shots later I'm healing nicely and hopefully my body will reabsorb the 'piece' - (although I've
heard FOUR different opinions as to what actually happenes to that piece - what a pain in the neck! (joke there!) I've really been blessed with
incredible doctors, therapists, chiropractors AND husband, kids, family and friends!!!


MRI Count???...we're at SEVEN since Sept as a family - yep, Ron snuck in a knee surgery in Dec. to clean up some much KNEE-ED torn meniscus! He's doing SWELL! hee


* Spiritual update - I'm more fired up than ever! God CAN be leaned on! I do not know how one can go through battles without the Lord. I've gotten to experience His provision, blessings, love, healing in ways I would have never seen without going through these rough times. I never lost JOY, as circumstances, even with my physical body, can't take that away! (Not to say I was always HAPPY - you try riding around, on your back, in a mini van with Ron driving : ) )


May you all be encouraged to go deeper in your faith - grit it out - ask the tough questions, read His Word, talk about spiritual things with each
other, equip yourself for the next storm a comin' - cuz it is a comin' (hopefully it dodges some of us who have been blasted lately : ) - but
the more we know the less we have to fear!

Thanks for all your support! Be HEALTHY in all ways!



(8) July 3, 2007

"Top Ten Update"


Hello Everyone,


I know it's summer and people don't have a lot of time but several have asked how I'm doing (Thanks for asking) so here's a Top Ten quick (I'll try) health/Lyme update.


1) Not a day goes by that we're still not thankful to God that we found out it's Lyme Disease !


2) Right now I'm on the toughest drug thus far - "Flagyl" - its the only one that busts the cysts back to spirochetes so it's working, which is a good thing, but I'm feeling it. When the newly spun spirochetes are killed they're very mad, which helps explain the leg cramps in the middle of the night again (they go out kicking-ha) , full face tingling, fatigue and complete brain fog. Again, all confirmation that it's Lyme Disease and that I have do still have somewhat blonde hair! (These reactions are actually called "Herxheimer's" for you googlers...)


3) Asked my daughter to please get her 'helmet' off the kitchen was a 'cowboy hat!' Yep, lots of fun over here : )


4) Ron and kids have been fantastic and very helpful around the house - also looks like I get out of Pop Up Camper set up/take down this summer - hee hee


5) Found out I'm anemic now and haven't been at all since senior year in high school so looking into that. Might be why I didn't do Grandmas Marathon this summer - then again who am I kidding : )


6) Going to Ladysmith tomorrow with some Lyme Gurus to put on a little educational meeting. I know too much NOT to share - perhaps second most compelling info in my life at this time, next to the Gospel of course!!! I feel like Paul going back to the Romans - I want to share with my 'peeps'!


7) We're going to try and get the 'talk' on audio, so please pray I can string smooth sentences (ha) and we can communicate effectively. I hope to have CD's made from this to just hand out to whoever wants them. This would free up a lot of time for us all as many of you know someone who bla, bla, bla ... : )


8) Although a little 'zip' is missing (good thing I had extra!), I still have plenty of energy to do the Lynx ministry (inspired by my golfing, 90+ year old Aunt Dor) - fortunately after 8 years I have it down. Gals are awesome and they're really starting to click on the court now. Fun crew to watch. Many believers on the team/staff too!


9) Just spell checked this e-mail and my spelling of blonde came up as should be spelled blond. Yes, I was laughing hard as was looking up the word BLONDE in the hard cover dictionary!!! (pondering if I dare even share this with everyone). And now can laugh at you all - laughing at me, that I would even do such a thing (with my new highlights) because it says BOTH are right! There ya go ! Whew


10) And...for all you curious people, like my 5 year old Beau, "Lyme's is not contagious!" (he was so relieved : ) )


Thanks for all your support and prayers. Keep them coming! : )


Can't tell you how many people you and I have been able to help because we're getting the word out - keep talking about this! Knowledge IS power! 2007 is going to be a huge Lyme Disease Education year - its in all the papers already! Nothing to be scared of if you can get treated right away! Yikes I'm sounding like a commercial.


Be blessed and bask in His faithfulness! I AM!


(9) January 24, 2008

"Off Meds!"


Hello Everyone !


I know it's been quite some time since my last Lyme update but I've just been praying, working the treatment plan, praying some more, and waiting until I could send this e-mail out.


As of Friday, and after 16 months of antibiotics, I'm done with all my meds!!! YEAH!!!! I still have the numb patch (still feels like day old play dough ) on my L cheek/face that has been there the whole time (fortunately for Ron it hasn't affected any of my ability to TALK ) but all other symptoms are GONE (fortunately again for Ron that means my ENERGY levels are back .) I am obviously very excited, very thankful and very anxious to build that immune system back up. So here's my "breakdown" (actually never even had a one - God has been so STRONG!) - so I'll rephrase- ummm... "breakout" (well, skin's been good too - ha.)..ok - "update!"


PHYSICALLY/MENTALLY: I am still somewhat guarded/cautious as I just need to wait and see how I do off antibiotics. Time will only tell if we've wiped out all of this 'stealthy' bacteria. What an amazing spirochete! WOW! My fatigue levels are now only directly related to being a Packer/Favre Fan and a homeschooling momma of a 6 & 8 year old. MOST of my 'brain fog' is now from trying to answer questions like (after discussing the earth's gravity, orbits etc) "So Mom, are the people living in China upside down then? " AND (this would be from Beau...) "Hey Mom, what's C + C? " "6, get it!" They're giving me a run already! Speaking of which, I've been able to run again and what a treat that is (that statement would probably shock my high school cross country coach - always preferred a ball )! This whole deal has made so many things SWEETER and really challenged me to live the 'thicker life!'


MEDICALLY: I need to let my liver take a break! My main focus is to detoxify and rebuild my immune system. Many of you have forwarded these to other people so this part is for them...Lyme Disease is the #1 public health threat in this part of the country! It'll be on everyone's radar in a couple years if it isn't already. I can't help but to encourage others to be their own health advocate! Every case is unique and I'm not in the camp at all that everything is Lyme Disease HOWEVER - it was in mine...


SPIRITUALLY: I don't even know how to really express what a ROCK God has been for me/us through this... Being thrown a 'curve ball' in life so often 'catches' us off guard, esp. when it 'breaks inside' (yes, my dad coached baseball coach for 30 years and is a pun master - runs in the fam -sorry that wasn't affected by Lyme - I will apologize ahead here). I'll keep this 'short' and try not to sound like I'm 'pitching' anything, but I've 'batted' it around in my head and can't 'manage' to keep it in - please allow me a 'second' to explain...


Although so many of us are 'hit' with 'pressure' situations, these 'pickles' have an incredible way of making you 'cut' to what's important. Many think that faith in God through Jesus is only for the weak and that believers are way 'out in left field!' Ohhhhh, from where do they get their JOY? PEACE? REST? Over the last year and a half it was often the only thing that 'center' ed me! I would have completely felt 'stranded' if I didn't TRUST He was in 'control.' Whether or not He was going to 'clean up' the bacterial infection was up to Him. If it 'mounds' up and 'strikes'again, He is still in 'control.' But it was impossible for me to ignore His 'signs' throughout. They were all over the 'park.' His 'timing' throughout this whole deal was incredible!


So often we try to 'change up' the plan and 'line up' things on our own. When we do this our faith often 'slides.' Satan is always trying to 'back hand' us and get us off 'base.' He is our main 'opponent', trying to make us 'foul' in every way! Pay attention to the 'warning track!' (I know these puns are 'dropping' fast soooo....)


Let me encourage you to...
(Perhaps good 'spring training' for us all...)
* 'Lead off' your days with talking to the Coach and have 'conferences' often throughout!
* 'Dive' into the Word and 'snag' as much of it as you can!
* 'Third,' 'Get off the bench' spiritually if you're on it - the game's already started !!!!!
* 'Talk on the field' - we need our 'teammates!' Thanks to all of you who are 'supporters' - your prayers, calls and encouragement were amazing 'back up' for me!
* Don't let busyness 'steal' important family time at 'home'!


* and...Remember the 'sacrifice' He made!


'Grounded out' in Him!